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Kenneth J. Pia, Jr., Partner at Meyers, Harrison & Pia, LLC

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by IBISWorld
Jul 26 2013

IBISWorld caught up with?Kenneth J. Pia, Jr., partner in charge of business valuation at?Meyers, Harrison & Pia, LLC, to find out firsthand what’s going on with the business valuation industry.

IW: What challenge do you and your company or department face right now?

KP: Hiring and keeping the most talented business valuation professionals available.? Keeping up with the trends in the business valuation profession and having the best resources available to do so.

IW: How does IBISWorld help you overcome this challenge?

KP: IBISWorld helps us by adding to the best resources we can make available to our professional staff.

?IW:?What do you foresee happening in your industry within the next year?

KP: Clients/lawyers and other users of business valuation services will place more focus and weight on quality business valuation designations of the professionals they hire.

IW: Tell us something interesting about yourself (hobbies, experiences, travel, etc):

KP: I am an avid baseball enthusiast and have been coaching the sport for over 30 years since I was 18.

Kenneth has been engaged in business and professional/medical practice appraisal and analysis since 1985. ?He is a licensed CPA, ABV, ASA and MCBA.?Meyers, Harrison & Pia, LLC?specializes in business valuation, economic damages, forensic accounting, and litigation support services.

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