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Client Q&A with Jesse Dame, Credit Manager at Centier Bank
Client Q&As
by The IBISWorld Team
Oct 21 2014

This month, IBISWorld caught up with Jesse Dame, Credit Manager at?Centier Bank?to hear about what’s going on in the community banking world.

IW: What challenge(s) do you and your company or department face right now?

JD: Like many community banks, Centier is currently balancing the twin objectives of growth and risk management as the domestic economy and the residential real estate market are showing signs of recovery.? For us, the Credit Department’s role is to ensure that the underlying risks to repayment are known and understood for every commercial loan that Centier considers so that decision makers can make the best possible decision for bank.

IW: How does/might IBISWorld help you overcome this or other challenges?

JD: IBISWorld provides much needed, objective, outside information regarding industry risk for each borrower that the Credit Department evaluates.? We use the overall risk rating provided by IBISWorld, as well as threats & opportunities, growth trends, and trends for important economic variables provided in IBISWorld’s Business Environment Profiles, on a case-by-case basis.

IW: What do you foresee happening in your industry within the next year?

JD: Since the recovery began, I’ve seen terms and loan structures offered by banks in the market gradually become more aggressive, including limited guarantees and higher advance rates on all types of collateral.? With all banks challenged to find sources of new revenue, I think this trend will continuewith banks taking calculated risks for certain industries and certain types of borrowers.?


Founded in Whiting, Indiana in 1895, Centier Bank remains a Schrage family owned and operated community bank.? In 2013, for the seventh year in a row, Centier Bank was named one of the top 10 employers in the state by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce.? As a leading bank in business lending, Centier Bank partners with new and expanding businesses to help local communities grow, create new jobs, and develop economically.

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